About Me

Mia Simms’ goal throughout her current reign as Miss Maryland International 2016 is to create increased awareness surrounding the need for quality learning opportunities for our early learners regionally and nation-wide. She serves as a Tigerlily Foundation Ambassador to advocate for, encourage and empower women of all ages before, during and after breast cancer. She works full time for ZeniMax Media—the parent company of several gaming studios all across the globe leading, developing and deploying risk-management initiatives throughout the company. In her free time she enjoys working out, reading, volunteering in the community, shopping, knitting, hanging out with friends and maintaining an online store “Polka and Dot”. The motto that grounds and motivates her is “be the change you wish to see in the world”!

In May of 2013 Mia joined the ranks of Virginia Tech alumna, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology with double minors in African and African American Studies.

During her undergrad years Mia worked as a teacher’s aide in local elementary schools, as a resident advisor, a semester as a student-teacher with the High Tea Society‘s after school enrichment program, as DJ and journalist for the local radio affiliate WUVT Blacksburg, and ran her own locally renowned blog, Southern Fashionista—which includes her adventures exploring the fashion and entertainment world of Southwest Virginia and Washington, DC.

Following graduation she spent a year with AmeriCorps, serving with a dropout prevention organization in Washington, DC developing a searchable resource guide for all 8 wards of the District; coordinating community events for students; and sourcing and funding resources for students’ success. After completion of her term, Mia was inspired to continue a life of service and joined a finance firm on-contract in Columbia, MD developing funding proposals for mixed-use real estate proposals through the New Markets Tax Credit funding season. Incidentally, many of these projects included the maintenance and upgrade of educational institutions. All this, while serving and speaking  the District of Columbia as Miss Black Washington, DC US Ambassador 2013 and placed in the final top ten at the national competition.

Encouraged by a forming trend in her life, Mia enrolled in Montgomery College’s AAS program for Early Childhood Instruction and Education, with the goal of forming her own education institution. With this degree in hand in May 2017, and a nonprofit board of industry experts, Mia is well on her way to enrolling students of her own early childhood institution which will open Fall 2018.


Disclaimer: The opinions and sentiments expressed are my own exclusively and do not reflect the opinions of my present or previous employers or their affiliates.