Influenster Fierce Voxbox: Free Is My Favorite Kind of Fabulous (Sponsored)

Every time I receive a PO Box package notification I’m wild with anticipation because my PO Box, although implemented for my personal use exclusively, only seems to offer endless surprises in the way of its contents. Two package slips–what could that actually be? Internal squeal! IT’S MY VOXBOX!

I explore it’s contents , as I inexpertly and theatrically open the box and its contents spill everywhere but on the counter. When I explained the situation to one of my best guy friends undoubtedly amused he asks, “What is it? Is it–is it a loot crate for beauty products?” Sort of?

Influenster offers product reviewers and beauty enthusiasts like myself the opportunity to try new items at the cost of reviewing them. This box’s theme is FIERCE BOX! DEFINE MY ENTIRE LIFE YAAAHHHS!

And without further ado, please enjoy a video review of what’s inside: Mia’s Fierce VoxBox.







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