Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All!

I remember quite clearly as a five year old signing up for our school’s poetry competition (or was it an assignment? I’ve always had a competitive streak, you’ll learn more as you join me here often.)

Anyway–yes, a school-wide presentation was at hand and my Mother, the kind soul that she is, immediately took me to the local library to browse endless shelves of poetry books to inspire my search. Bear in mind ladies and gents this was pre-cell phone/iPad/Pod/Mac/Internet-In-My-Hand-Going-Live-While-I-Eat-A-Taco Era, so a visit to the library for a decent selection was CRUCIAL.

After a few thoughtful minutes of pulling a volume of books equal to my standing height it seemed, I secured an open corner of a library table and focused on my intent.

Hmm, Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All? I mused, and a dinosaur is wearing a crown? ALRIGHT let’s do this!

Maya Angelou’s words danced off the page and were equally as lively as the paintings on the page. I was encouraged, perplexed, and buoyed in a span of minutes while abstract images resonated with text. I had a moment of clarity, it was then that I fell in love with the words of my new favorite poet.

Maya Angelou’s poem Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All resonated in my spirit today as I was met by so many individuals’ personal #InternationalWomensDay sentiments. To me International Women’s Day is a call to action: we celebrate women’s audacity of being completely in all that they are, were, and will become. Fearless women who rock boardrooms while having pregnant tummies, are den mother to the little-league team, conquer glass ceilings in stilettos, and who dare to make the future a reality of their imagination.

This International Women’s Day I am the sum of the legacy of strong women that raised me, the brave women–my peers–that continue to inspire me, and the patient and wise woman that I hope to become.

I am a woman, and life doesn’t frighten me at all.



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