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Hello Mia, Welcome Back!

For the select few that have known me since college or before have met the first version of me, the blogger in its first life:

Southern Fashionista.

Revisiting the blog all these years later I can’t imagine saying it’s anything other than a strong first effort. We covered my fashion escapades as I jetted back and forth from Southwest Virginia where I studied Communication and Sociology (African/African American Studies) to Washington, D.C.and New York City where I learned a little more of what I wanted after graduation: moving/influencing, fashion and politics.

And I am here now, fully graduated and working a challenging but fun job with incredible people and a new voice (right?I’m 27, let’s hope the voice is new but the affinity for italicized asides remains the same. My active imagination and sarcasm lives here in this typeset).

Let’s explore pageant retirement, navigating “adulting” in the workplace (how tall are my “tall” shoes before it’s not ok–help me) approaching 30, possibly the gaming life (I’m actually quite taken with the Nintendo Switch!), a few of my beauty insights, and my VERY strong opinions on politics and education reform. For such a time as this, to be me!

Join me?



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